As I advanced in age and experience, I learned that two-faced people exist.   They are those actors and actresses of the human race who will show one face to a particular audience, and another face to another audience. They laugh with you but laughs at you when you’re not there.

Their audience struggles to figure out which face is real.  Believe you me,  this is a very big problem because, in real life, associating and interacting with other human beings is not a theater act where everything ends on the stage. Gossip and backstabbing have real consequences to the emotions and reputations of people.

It’s been observes that some lead this kind of life to keep friendship options open: A person may not like another person but doesn’t have anyone else at the moment. The two faced monster reveals itself when a third person comes along more suited to the monster’s personality and the old friend becomes expendable.

Another reason is an acquired aversion against confrontation and aggression. This is particularly true among many Asian cultures where confrontation is frowned upon and aggression is discouraged. Children are taught early in life to just ‘grin and bear it.’ Of course, by the time these children become adults, they are just about suffocating from the grinning mask they’ve had on for so long that they need an outlet. But as they’ve been reared to believe that confrontation and aggression is wrong, the outlet becomes talking behind other peoples’ backs.

The best way to deal with this monstrous life style is to acknowledge it’s existence and keep in mind that every person is capable of showing one face to me, and another face to everyone else.

 Its hurts to wake up one morning emotionally bartered as a result of one nasty experience with a two faced person and be wondering who your friends really are. Its better to just enjoy people while they’re there, and accept their absence when they’re gone…and never give too much of yourself either way.

I advice everyone to always apply  a combination of friendliness and caution in dealing with others.


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